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Barnes & Noble planning to launch new Nook tablet on Nov. 7 [Invitation Letter]

Barnes & Noble is now all set to release its own version of Nook Tablet to compete with Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad during a special Media event planned on Monday Nov 7th. Barnes & Noble, makers of Nook, sent out invitations for Monday Nov 7 Media Event 10:00 AM Eastern as reported by The L.A. Times. The invitation says “Please join us for a very special announcement,” which displays “N” logo which probably represents Nook Tablet by Barnes & Noble. It is reported that Nook Tablet will have built-in support for eMail, Internet Browser and native Applications & Games same as Google offers in its Android OS.

Like Amazon, Barnes & Noble is also a book seller eCompany however they have analyzed the trends very well by jumping into the Tablet business by offering tablet devices incorporated eBooks to make things sell electronically rather than physical books. Amazon launched their Kindle range of Tablets which offers Amazon AppStore to download the eBooks online which had increased the sales of Amazon. Following the same steps Barnes & Noble is all set to launch their own version of tablet which will also allow eBook reading along with other Tablet features.

However both these Book Sellers are way far then Apple iPad products and neither they are interested in competing with Apple products but the only competition is selling maximum numbers of eBooks using their only specialized eBook reader software. Recently in iOS 5 Apple has introduced the NewsStand Application which allows same kind of functionality in addition to the iBooks application.

Source L.A Times

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