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Bandito Personalized Music News according to songs in your library iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Bandito is a music application for iOS to provide you with latest news and releases according to songs already stored in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch library. Bandito sensible searches for Bands, Genre and Music you have stored in your library and using the same as reference searches for similar contents over the internet.

When the application is installed for the first time it scans your iTunes library of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and stores that information. Later it searches the references of the same information and bring news, blogs, reviews and releases of your favorite singer, band or genre. You can view these articles within Bandito app or you can vhoose to view the same in Safari.

Bandito is a free application but its delimits your results to 10 articles at a time however if you want there is a paid Bandito application as well which you can download using the procedure here as trial. However if you like the application please purchase it.

Bandito description of Appstore,

Bandito gives you personalized music news, based on the artists you listen to most on your iPod. On first launch the app asks to scan the music on your phone, and then delivers news, blogs, and related links under Your Artists. You can update the list by re-ordering, starring and un-starring your favorite artists, and by hitting “Refresh Artists” if you’ve added new music to your phone. The Hotlist is a handpicked list of popular and breaking artists to get you started and expand your horizons. Bandito is free, and if you want to see more than 10 articles, news, reviews for your artists you can upgrade to unlimited news for a low one-time fee.

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