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Baidu Chinese Search Engine Announces Android-Based Yi OS Mobile OS (Google of China)

Google has not been fully functional in China due to their strict government policies and they have come up with search engine of their own called Baidu which is one of the Gaint Search Engine keeping in view Chinese population so simply you can call them “Google of China”. So like Google developing Android they have also stepped into Mobile OS race and introduced their Baidu Yi OS which is based on Android. Introduction of Baidu Setepping into Mobile OS was announced at Baidu World in Beijing which is an annual event hosted by Baidu.

Baidu Yi OS has been built over the top of Android OS and all the basic feature set is same however most of the native applications have been either customized or replaced with Baidu flavored applications e.g. search, places, books, maps, music etc. One of the notable feature is support for Cloud services on both Microsoft SkyDrive as well as Apple iCloud.

Penn Olson reports,

This morning, Baidu – at its annual Baidu World event in Beijing – launched its Android-based mobile OS, dubbed Baidu Yi (pictured above).

As it builds upon Google’s Android OS, it’ll have all the same core features, such as integrated voice search. But of course Baidu also has lots of its own apps ready for Baidu Yi – there’ll be Maps, Yue (a reader app), Shen Bian (like Google Places), and Ting (its music app).

Keeping in view the Chineese Market Baidu Yi OS will become one of the major competitor in Mobile OS business as currently Huawei one of the leading Telecom Equipment Manufacturer of China has become world 2nd supplier of equipment and handsets like Huawei Vision and Huwei Honor will give them a major boost to enter any market in the world.

You can visit Baidu Yi OS official page for more information.

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