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Bada 2.0 coming to all Samsung Wave Smartphones in Q4 2011 Official

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Samsung Bada official twitter account got a post today reading the upcoming Bada 2.0 OS for the Samsung Wave Smartphone lineup in 4th Quarter this year. Although the upgrade will be applicable to all Samsung Wave Smartphone but the functionality of the Bada 2.0 OS will vary depending upon the hardware of the specific device. Samsung Wave 3 will be the first device to embrace Bada 2.0 OS. Samsung Bada tweet reads,

Bada OS was launched in 2009 and Samsung S8500 Wave marked the launched of Bada 1.0 back in February 2010. Bada OS was embedded in low-end as well as high-end Samsung Smartphones as its technically not a complete OS rather its embedded Kernal to support additional real time OS Kernal for Application and Games architecture. The user interface provides support for Adobe Flash, Web Browser, Applications and Games developed using Bada SDK. Although the Bada OS was accepted in high end devices but the performance and privacy issues for SMS notifications led to major criticism. In August 2011Bada SDK 2 was released and now we are about to enter Bada 2.0 OS. Some of the major features of Bada 2.0 OS include true multitasking, HTML 5 ,Text-To-Speech, Push Notification, FlashLite 4,  NFC, new security policies and protection functions and Open AL.

Source: SammyHub

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