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Muhammad Arslan Azmat

iOS 10 Release Date, Features, Download for iPhone, iPad & iPod


During WWDC 2016 Apple release the upcoming iteration of iOS for iPhone, iPad & iPod devices with tons are improvements and new features same as macOS Sierra. It was during the first day of Apple Develops Conference that Tim Cook came tall with announcement of iOS 10 as it was being speculated for past few […] Read More

macos sierra 10.12

Apple during Annual WWDC 2016 announced revamped OSX renamed macOS 10.12 codenamed Sierra for Macbook, iMac and Mac Mini owners. The next generation of macOS contains value added improvements inform of small features. Lets have sneak preview of all the major features induced in upcoming OS update, Siri One of the most anticipated feature of […] Read More


Today Pangu team has release Jailbreak for iOS 9.1 and along with this they have announced on their twitter account that next week they will be releasing jailbreak for Apple TV 4 which is as of yet not been Jailbroken since release. We will release jb for Apple TV4(9.0.x) next week which only has SSH access. […] Read More

ios9 jailbreak

Today the famous Pangu team have upgraded their Jailbreak tool to support Jailbreak for iOS 9.1. Although since last couple months it was rumoured that Pangu team had exploit available for iOS 9.2 Jailbreak however now it turned out that wait is only over from lucky users who have iOS 9.1 installed on their iPhone, […] Read More


One of the most loved home theatre apps ,Kodi, has finally upgraded it’s skin.Previously it had been using the same Confluence skin,which was the same skin that it had been it’s default since Kodi’s origin in 2009. The new skin is actually two skins.Firstly,Estuary,which will be a replacement to the default interface ,this is available […] Read More

Lightroom logo

iPhone and iPad users ,who use Adobe’s Lightroom,can now update their photo workflow software ,which will now allow users to have extra 3D Touch commands and Full resolution output. Both the iPad and iPhone support full –resolution export ,however this option is only available for those images that have been imported and have the same […] Read More

Samsung S7 vs Samsung Note 5 thumb

Following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S7 ,which is the next  galaxy phone in line,following the first  flagship S6 ,featuring Samsung’s famous design language ,we thought it befitting to compare the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Note 5(which was considered one of the best Android smartphones of the previous year.) With the exception of […] Read More


The previously XBMC media centre platform- now popularly known as Kodi ,has been upgraded to Jarvis(or version 16.0).This Version 16.0 brings an immense range of improvements “both behind the scene “ and a few user-facing ones as well. After much hard work the Kodi developers have greatly improved communication with the platform,for the users using […] Read More


Currently,following the commencement of the Mobile World Congress 2016,in Barcelona,LG has introduced it’s new flagship smartphone – the LG G5 ,which has many interesting features including a new modular design,some awesome specs in addition to a variety of different accessories ,for example a rolling robot camera ball with a 360 degree camera ,as well as […] Read More

ipad pro

According to recent reports regarding the March 21st event ,in which Apple is expected to announce various new items in it’s already numerous range of products,the much speculated 9.7 inch iPad Air 3 will be named iPad Pro ,contradictory to previous speculations,hence there will be two various sizes in the iPad category which have the […] Read More

iPhone SE thumb

After much speculation over the new rumoured Apple iPhone 5se ,recent reports have reported that Apple will not be using the 5 in the name of it’s new 4- inch iPhone. Latest reports are claiming that the 4-inch iPhone,previously speculated to either be labelled as either ‘ iPhone 6c ‘ or ‘iPhone 5se’ will simply be […] Read More

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.09.02 PM

In recent developments following the San Bernardino shootings,in which the shooter, Syed Farook’s iPhone was captured,Apple has refused to help the FBI in unlocking it,filing a motion in court ,claiming that by aiding the FBI it breaks the Apple’s policy of freedom of speech (it’s Constitutional First Amendment). Twitter ,Google ,Facebook and Microsoft have openly […] Read More

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