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Australian Court Lifts Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung has already received it’s Christmas gift. News has come from Sydney Morning Herald that Australian court has overturned the ban which was placed on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 nearly two months ago. As a result of that, court ordered  Samsung to stop promotion of Galaxy Tab in Australia.

The full bench of the Federal Court – Justices John Dowsett, Lindsay Foster and David Yates – today unanimously reversed a Federal Court judge’s ruling last month that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 be banned from sale in Australia.

“Samsung will be permitted to launch the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia provided it keeps accounts of all transactions involving that device in Australia,” the judges wrote in their judgment.

However, War is not over yet as Apple has already decided to go for appeal against the decision come out from court and somehow get the ban successfully extended until Friday at 4 PM. After Friday, Samsung will be allowed to start selling their Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia right before Christmas.

Via [cultofmac]

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