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AT&T hitting Jailbreak Wifi Hotspot Users by changing Unlimited Data Plans to Limited Data Plans

AT&T has been busy in controlling data traffic generated on its network by stopping Unlimited Data Plans users to use their iDevices as Hotspots or to tether devices with PC or Mac without an official Tethering Data Plan.

A user at xSellize was just informed that if he used MyWi or same sort of Hotspot application on connected PC or Mac with Device as tethered connection then his unlimited data plan will be converted in 2GB tethered data plan at the rate of 45US$ per month. Moreover, this change will not be manual but would rather be done automatically through System which is monitoring such violations. And their deadline of 11th August is not the part of this information, the information already circulated on subject by AT&T is as fols,

Earlier this year, we began sending letters, emails, and text messages to a small number of smartphone customers who use their devices for tethering but aren’t on our required tethering plan.  Our goal here is fairness for all of our customers.  (This impacts a only small percentage of our smartphone customer base.)

The choices given in this letter are,

  1. Stop tethering and keep their current plan (including grandfathered unlimited plan)
  2. Proactively call AT&T or visit our stores and move to the required tethering plan
  3. Do nothing and we’ll go ahead and add the tethering plan on their behalf — after the dated noted in their customer notification

So if you are among the AT&T users then be careful about this as its better to switch to tethering plan in order to avoid unnecessary hassle.

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