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Asus not ready to give up on MeeGo Yet in favor of Tizen

Nokia and Intel are no more together on MeeGo development therefore the days for MeeGo are almost over as Samsung and Intel are the are the new partners for the upcoming Tizen Linux based Tablet and Smartphone OS. However Asus have a different opinion that MeeGo is still not dead and the upcoming version of MeeGo 1.3 will be released soon along with hardware acceleration support, Asus technical marketing manager speaking to PC Magazine. According to Gary Key, Asus technical marketing manager,

We will continue to ship MeeGo products and look forward to Tizen

Such statement was expected from Asus as they have recently launched one of their mainstream Netbook Eee PC X101 with10 inch display, 1.33 GHz Intel Atom processor with 1GB of RAM costs around $200. Although such price tag wont effect much whether its dependent of MeeGo, Tizen or some other open source as all the basic functionalities of the Netbook can be easily achieved but still Asus can not let go the support for the device which has recently been launched.

Source PC Magazine

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