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Apple’s Safari Browser Share Tops 5% for the First Time

Apple’s Safari is one of the most popular browser for both Mac and iOS devices and initially become as a part of  Mac OS X v10.3. Day by day its popularity for both Mac and iOS users is going up due to its excellent web browsing experience. According to a new survey report released by NetMarketShare, for the first time in history, Apple’s Safari has now attained 5% browser share on all of the world’s desktop and laptop computers . Whereas once again Microsoft Internet Explorer has topped the list with 54.39% followed by Firefox which took 22.48% market share.

One of the major reason that safari has quickly gained so much popularity in recent days is more new features for recently released Mac OS X Lion operating system. These feature includes  multitouch controls, reader mode, full screen browsing and a zippier load speed.

However if same comparison is done for only mobile web browsing then Apple’s safari is considered as the best in browsers available for other operating system Android, Symbian etc. Safari browser flexibility and performance makes it more superior.


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