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Apple’s iMessage for iOS 5 Features Review Walk through [How to Use]

One of the major feature of iOS 5 recently released GM build is the iMessage feature which allows you to communicate with your friends carrying Apple device same as Blackberry Messenger which allows you to communicate between Blackberry devices for Free. iMessage only requires internet connectivity either through WiFi or 3G and you are able to send and receive free messages between iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 5 installed.

  • Delivery Reports
    iMessage gives you delivery reports which confirms that your message has been successfully delivered to other party. The delivery notifications are being processed by Apple server however the reliability is still depended on the data services being provided by you carrier or ISP.
  • Typing information from other party
    You get the notification that other party is typing which can feel you a bit relaxed that other party is still there are responding to your message.
  • Avoid Unwanted Messages
    You can avoid unwanted SMS which is a sort of loop hole that if you have read the message for the rebuilt iOS 5 notification center it wont be displayed as Delivery report. So if you have some reasons not to respond without delivery notification you can avoid them.
  • Image Sharing
    Images including animated Gif format can be shared with other iMessage users  however we are not sure that how Apple will be taking care of malicious content being attached with Gif images.

One of the drawback of iMessage is that if you get an immediate reply you might lose it within other older messages which is a sort of bug in iOS 5 GM release and Apple might fix it before the final release.

You can also Jailbreak iOS 5 GM following the procedure here but it is recommended that wait for resolution of iOS 5 stability issues before jumping onto iOS 5 band wagon.

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