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Apple will Ship 86.4 million iPhones in 2011 leaving Nokia way behind by 12 million units margin [REPORT]

Nokia has been the top smartphone maunfacturer since the birth of smartphone and no other has been able to turn the tables however as per DigiTimes report Apple is surpass Nokia in smartphone sales well above 12 million margin. This report is based analysis on the sales trends so far and according to which Apple will ship 86.4 Million iPhones in 2011 contrary to just 47. 5 million units last year which is a clear 82% rise in last year volume. Whereas Nokia’s volumes have decreased by 25% from over 100 million to 74.4 million units.

The report also depicts gigantic rise in Samsung from 23 million units in 2010 to 67 million units this year i.e. well near three times from last year. One of the major factors that may have contributed in Samsung’s extraordinary sale is the Samsung Galaxy product line especially Samsung Galaxy S II. Secondly Nokia Samsung difference has been closed to just 7.4 million units therefore probably by mid of next year Samsung will also surpass Nokia in Smartphone market if Nokia does not adopt Android or makes serious not of its current Smartphone OS models.

Some of the other hard hitters for current year who have gained huge sale figures include HTC, LG, Hauwei and ZTE. However it should be noted that BlackBerry is still in business and has not shown negative sale results .

Source DigiTimes

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