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Apple to Offer Permanent fix for AppStore In-App Purchases in iOS 6, Temporary Fix provided to Developers

As most of you are already aware of the fact that Apple is headed to finalization stages of iOS 6 pre-release development so now a long pending issue from Apple Developers will be going for resolution in the upcoming release. In-App Purchases contains considerable amount of revenue for the developers but due to loop holes most of the In-App purchases were being done for Free using multiple by-pass methods.

This has been made possible using new iOS In-App validation method which counter verify the authenticity of the purchase. The same has been expressed in an on-line In-App vulnerability support page by Apple which starts with explaining the original vulnerability of DNS route alteration which causes these In-App purchases to be exposed.

Apple’s keenness in resolving In-App purchases will give developers comfort that their savings will not be lost in the shape of revenue leakages. Temporary solution for iOS 5.1 and below also provide developers with the option to use their Private APIs for definition of In-App purchases.

We will keep our fingers crossed till the time In-App Purchase issue has not been completely address and the revenue losses for developers are not ensured to be stopped.

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