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Apple Strikes Again, After Germany Galaxy Tab Sales Baned In Australia

Recently we reported you about a permanent ban of Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Germany by wining the case due to infrigement of Apple’s iPad 2 designs. As a result of that court ordered Samsung to stop promotion of Galaxy Tab till decision of the case already in court. This war between Apple and Samsung has been on since launch of Samsung galaxy devices and on quite few occasions Samsung has to face the penalty and in retaliation Samsung has also filed some patentinfringements against Apple which are also in court all across the world.

Now the war continues as apple has given a huge below to Samsung by winning another case against Samsung Galaxy Tab but this time in Australia. After winning these cases it looks like samsung has to wait for some more time before they begin Galaxy Tab sales.

In a report by cultofmac:

Justice Annabelle Bennett told both parties it would be best if the issues was resolved quickly. “Technology moves very quickly,” she noted, according to Bloomberg. Apple’s lawyer, Steven Burley, told the judge Monday that the tech giant would be ready to go to trial next week.

Samsung, which last week announced it would more aggressively contest Apple’s claims, said “This is where we draw the line.” The South Korean firm’s lawyer, David Catterns, told Bennett the court case is a “high-stakes fight” yet felt any resolution of the matter could take “well into next year.” Earlier this month, Samsung countersued Apple, claiming the iPad infringes seven patents.

Whether these patent wars will benefit end users or not. Please leave your valuable comments below.

Via [CultofMac]

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