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Apple Safari still no. 1 Mobile Web Browser followed by Google Android Browser

According to October 2011 statistics released by NetMarketShare Apple Safari tops the Mobile web browser share by 62.2 % followed by 18.7 % Android internet Traffic. Safari becomes the dominant mobile web browser platform with more than half of total mobile intent traffic coming from these devices even though Android integration of Google is way deeper than iOS resulting into more easy access. Opera has plans to replace its current Opera Mini with full mobile browser containing mobile for low bandwidth users so the traffic dipped to 13.1% only.


In contrast the desktop variant of web browser is being lead by Microsoft having 52.6% market share followed by 22.5% of Firefox. Although Chrome and Safari are on the increasing trend with 1% and 0.5% increase from last month amounting to 17.6% and 5.4% respectively.

Third graph shows the trends between the desktop and mobile traffic where its clear that people are shifting towards mobile trends rather than conventional desktop usage.

Source CNet 

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