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Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch To Selected End Users to Fixes Battery Issues

iPhone 4S was surely a success however “nothing is perfect in this world” and now the same can be called true for Apple as iOS 5 along with iPhone 4S brings Battery issues on some devices. The severity of Battery issues can be well judged from even 10% battery drop per hours resulting in complete battery depletion within 10 hours. Therefore Apple had responded rather hastily by releasing iOS 5.0.1 release while its betas are still in process of maturing.

As you might be aware that Apple has seeded two Betas for iOS 5.0.1 in order to resolved minor issues including this battery issue but today it has been reported that users who have complained Apple against battery issues using Apple Seed Program have got iOS 5.0.1 (mind its not Beta) update. Therefore this update claims to resolve the battery issues for iPhone 4S. Secondly Apple has interacted their Retail Stores not to replace or return iPhone rather ask the complainant to wait for few weeks before Apple prepares for Firmware update which is also displayed as Memo shown below,

To be honest, this time battery issues being resolved by simple firmware update can still save Apple’s skin keeping in view last years “free bumper offer” for those feeling iPhone 4 antenna issue which couldn’t be resolved until hardware modification.

Note: Jail breakers stay away from this update as Apple is reportedly patching the recently found iOS 5 exploit which can result in untethered Jailbreak.

Source 9to5mac

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