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Apple Ready To Replace Genius Bar MacBook Pros With iPads

Every time you step in to your local App store, you will come across set of Genius people having full expertise on Mac or iOS devices standing just behind of Genius Bar. If you are are new to this term, Genius Bar is a trademark for Apple retail stores located all across the world. These Genius people gives you best advice or technical help about everything you want to know such as repairs, replacements etc.

At Genius bar techies use MacBook Pros which help them to diagnose problems, order parts, check repairs history, check information about your product’s warranty etc. However, According to 9to5mac, Apple will soon to replace MacBook Pros at Genius Bar of various retail stores with iPads, starting from next week. This replacement will not only bring better customer experience but also quick resolution of customer complaints from the Genius bar.

Typically, the Genius Bar can only service as many people as computers at one time at the Genius Bar. Now, due to the size and price of iPads, Apple could service more people at one time at the Genius Bar by installing multiple iPads

Another benifit that Genius staf will get is, they will be able to deal with customer problems from anywhere within the retail store which means then you don’t have to get yourself in long queues around the Genius bar. Lastly, it has also been reported that software is being modified to support  users signatures on their Genius Bar invoices on the iPad.

Make sure you let us know when Genius bar of  your nearest Apple retail store is upgraded to iPads

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