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Apple Planning to Incorporate Pico Projectors supporting Touch Gestures for iPhone and iPad

A recent Apple patent filing revealed that Apple is planning to create concept of shared work space by introducing Pico-Projectors in their next generation iPhone and iPad devices.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office a patenet application titled “Projected Display Shared Workspaces” has been filled on Thursday 11th Aug 2011. This application describes incorporation of Pico-projectors to create s shared work space for offices and homes which will allow users to project their office work or  entertainment stuff onto a small area for joint sharing of views.

The patent application includes transfer of images and contents from the device to projector as well as interaction using touch gestures for modifications and operations. For example by performing a specific gesture user will be able to transmit images onto the projector or even flicking gesture could allow user to switch images from one type of display to another.

The patent application mentions the use of these Pico-projectors on iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. Within the application these projectors are termed as integrated devices however at other instances they are snap on to actual devices. Thereby meaning that these projectors can be built-in or sold separately. Identification of workplaces will be done based on GPS and network locations to keep track of office and home settings for the projectors.

Although we have been listening  alot of incorporation of Pico projectors in Apple devices but the Pico-projector makers suggest that it will at least take couple of years to mature this technology before its commercially incorporated into consumer devices. Some of the glitches that are hindering the commercial production of pic-projectors are weak Lumen refresh rate, large power consumption and inferior image quality.

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