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Apple planning for iPad 2S in March followed by iPad 3 in Q3 2012 [Report]

According to a report by DigiTimes, Apple is planning to launch slightly modified version of iPad 2 with changes in Processing, Battery and Camera department by March 2012 probably named iPad 2S. This launch will be followed by launch of iPad 3 in 3rd Quarter 2012 which will be a complete redesign with new features and hardware. We have got reports that Samsung, LG and others are working on developing new Retina Display capable of double resolution than current iPad 2. It is also expected that Apple will embed the new A6 processor into the new iPad 3 product which are capable of having Quad Core for even faster performance.

Although Apple track record says that they do not launch 2 products in a row within one year however DigiTimes credibility had compelled us to report on the subject which is on succession to yesterday’s report on iPad, iPhone, iMac and Macbook Air overhaul. So it might be concluded that Apple is planning for a cheaper version of iPad 2 in the name of iPad 2S followed by a relatively high priced iPad 3 which seems the case in iPhone 4S launch as well.

Source DigiTimes

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