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Apple Patents The SIM-less iPhone

Today we had reported that Apple has filed a patent application for pico projectors and now its SIM-less iPhone. SIM-less iPhone is an idea which might come to reality some day this news has been discovered by AppleInsider which will give Apple an edge over the other operating Systems and complete control over carriers as well.

By this patent the iPhone will not be restricted onto one network rather choice of selection of multiple carriers will be available and select able via iOS interface. This feature will eliminate the need to walk into the Customer Care Centers for purchase of SIMs rather it will be software configurable.Along with the selection of carriers the choice of selecting multiple packages. The idea might have come from sale of iPad 2 from carriers in US.

The idea of SIM-free phone itself is quite fascinating but implementation of this idea might take few years. But the implementation of this idea will be getting kickbacks from the operators since start as their monopoly and control will shift to Apple. Although we might see a day when this idea materializes.

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