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Apple iPhone SE only not iPhone 5SE the new 4 inch iPhone expected Mar 2016 Launch

After much speculation over the new rumoured Apple iPhone 5se ,recent reports have reported that Apple will not be using the 5 in the name of it’s new 4- inch iPhone. Latest reports are claiming that the 4-inch iPhone,previously speculated to either be labelled as either ‘ iPhone 6c ‘ or ‘iPhone 5se’ will simply be called the iPhone SE,according to reports by 9to5Mac.


This is the next smartphone  in line following the iPhone 5s, and is expected to be a hybrid,having  software and hardware that is from both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6s. If all goes according to plan ,this phone will be the first that does not have a variation number.Besides the release numbers added to its hardware in the iPad,it can be however noted that Apple has not till date included release numbers on its other hardware,which is soon expected to change with the new iPad Air 3 which is said to replace the iPad Pro.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is expected to be released on March 15, with the phones to be expected to be available a few days after.The 9.7 inch iPad Air 3 or iPad Pro is also expected to be launched at the same occasion. This 4-inch smartphone is said to have an M9 coprocessor ,A9 CPU ,up gradation of the camera module,Bluetooth specs and WiFi, continually on Siri support  , and NFC for Apple Pay,in addition to 16 and 64 GB RAM.It will be available in Rose Gold and its design is expected to be more like the iPhone 5s than the iPhone 6/6s.

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