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Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch get Flash video Support Official

Flash Media Server 4.5 has been released yesterday by Adobe which contains support for iOS devices which means you would be soon able to stream Flash video content con your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With this Flash Media Server release the developers will be able to embed Flash contents into their Web content and Advertisements. It will also allow Http live streaming over iOS Devices thereby enabling a long awaited wish of all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.

However the rejoice is not unlimited as Flash media content i.e. Web and Video are only supported with the advent of Flash Media Server 4.5 however Applications and Games will still not be available till the time support is not embedded into iOS. If you are familiar with Microsoft Silverlight it also provides the same functionality for iOS device for last couple of years. Therefore for flash content developers enbedding the content will be much easier than before by simply embedding the content using the latest Flash Media Server.

We see this a step closer to destination as may be in coming iOS 5 Betas or iOS 5 Final built we see Adobe Flash embedded.

Source ZDnet

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