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Apple iPhone 4 Shipping Times Extended to 1-3 Days, Product may-be iPhone 5 Refresh Expected

Apple has purportedly extended shipping times for almost all its product line  especially iPhone 4 which was previously available within 1 day and now its been extended to 3 days on Apple online store. We saw such kind of move during launch if iPhone 4 as well which came as successor to 3GS so it may be a vacuum for next iPhone. Such kind of move from the online stores are mostly due to new product launch otherwise its declared routine maintenance before the launch of new device.

Also the change has not taken place only in the US rather the European Markets have also extended their timeline since yesterday night. List for effected products has been provided by MacRumors which is as follows,

– iPhone 4: 1-3 business days
– iPad 2: 2-3 weeks
– iPod touch: 3-5 days (8 GB and 32 GB), 1-3 days (64 GB)
– iPod nano: 3-5 days
– iPod shuffle: 1-2 weeks
– iPod classic: 1-3 days
– Apple TV: 3-5 days

– MacBook Air: 3-5 days
– MacBook Pro: 3-5 days for all models except low-end 13-inch, which remains at 24 hours
– iMac: 3-5 days
– Mac Pro: 3-5 days for all models except 12-core, which is at 2-4 days

Normally such kind of a move tells that roam is being created for the new device or its due to maintenance reasons for launch of new device which are declared. Apple announcement in this regard is expected in near future.

Source AppleInsider via MacRumors

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