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Apple iPad 2 iOS 5 vs Windows 8 Tablet Comparison [Video]

Apple iPad 2 is the leader in tablet market however with the launch of Windows 8 tablets techies are predicting that it might be the game twister for Apple. Therefore folks at WinRumors have put iPad 2 iOS and Windows 8 Tablet at test in an 11 minute video which compares the widest functions including display, performance, usability and applications. Although the Windows 8 Tablet is still not the final release and may contain tweaks and modifications before final launch but still most of the features and design would remain same.

Tests are based on iPad running iOS 5 which is also in Beta however major features have already been refined due to seven revisions already released. Same is the case with Windows 8 Tablet which is also in Beta but it still lacks some of the major features like calenders, mails, Appstore etc. However upon release of iOS 5 as well as final Windows 8 Tablet complete comparison can be done but just for the sake of general comparison WinRumor have come up with the video below,

Windows 8 tablet and Windows 8 Desktop share the same kernel so you have the option to choose the desktop platform for yourself or the tablet version. You can download the developers preview of Windows 8 from here and get a feel of the new interface from Microsoft.

Source WinRumor

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