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Apple In the making of 15-Inch UltraThin MacBook Air [Report]

As we had reported couple of weeks that Apple has upgraded its Macbook Pro’s Specifications to support faster processor and more storage capacities. Also Apple has upgraded the Macbook Air line however recently it has been reported that Apple is working on completely new ultraportable 15 inch Macbook which is recently in testing phase.

Also it has been reported that in coming years Apple is planning to completely revamp its Macbook Pro lineup by replacing the Optical Drive with USB only storage solution. Therefore it is reported that Apple might be planning to launch an ultra or table version of Macbook Air in 15 inch which a redesign as well. Currently Apple MacBooks carry Intel processors which have been recently upgraded to Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 however soon it is reported that they will be upgraded with Ivy Bridge processors which is a completely new product design expected to be commercially available in first half of 2012. Ivy Bridge processors are the successors of Sandy Bridge Second generation Intel processors carrying even more System Bus and L1, L2 Cache to offer even robust performance as available in current generation.

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