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Apple claims iPhone 4S Battery Issues are not Hardware Related rather iOS is to be blamed

We had recently seen that numerous iPhone 4S owners complaining about battery depleting very quickly even reducing at the rate of 10% every hours which had thrown Apple out of their shoes. It was expected that various elements within iOS were to be blamed for which initially suggested way-out came by switching off the location service bug then came the iOS 5.0.1 which was initially suppose to fix the battery issue however reportedly problem still persists and according to Apple’s statement they will be dealing another iOS update to fix the issue. In addition the iOS 5.0.1 brought new bugs rather than fixes so Apple is passing through busy time developing the next iOS as iPhone 4S owner had lots of expectations from Apple apart from Siri feature.

iPhone 4S battery issue was thought to be related with some kind of hardware however recent report by ZDNet claims that its definitely due to iOS. This confirmation come based on testing conducted on iPhone 4S battery and to support the argument even iPhone 4 battery started performing poor after installation of iOS 5.0.1.


The report says,

As an aside, I think that iOS 5.0.1 has introduced the battery bug to my iPhone 4. Typically the handset would drop about 3 – 4% battery capacity overnight (around 7 hours). Since installing iOS 5.0.1 I’ve noticed a much bigger drop of around 15 – 20% with no change in how I’m using the handset. I’ll keep a closer eye on this over the next few days and see if the pattern holds true.

Source ZDNet

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