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Announcement and Overview of iOS 10, watchOS 3 ,macOS Sierra and tvOS 10,with confirmed date of circulation

ios-10Today brought the much awaited Apple September 7 event ,in which we saw the revelation of the iPhone 7 range , the Apple Watch series 2 , and the new airpods. All of these will now feature the iOS 10 in all the iPhones 7 shipped , and watch OS 3 in all the new Apple smartwatches. The new operating system for the Apple TV is the tvOS 10 and for the  Mac is the macOS Sierra. These were another interesting revelation at the event.

Following normal company procedure, the iOS 10 revelation comes at the same time as the release of the new iPhone , which showcases the new software in the latest devices available in the market, thereby encouraging the sale of the software to users that already own Apple devices. The iOS 10 will be available to the general public as of the 13th September ,which coincides with the availability of the iPhone 7 .

Users willing to get their hands on the software update ,either the  iOS 10 ,tvOS 10 and watchOS 3  will be able to do so free of cost as of 13th September with the expected time of availability being around 10am (PST) . The iOS 10 will be available for users that are currently using any iPhone, iPod or iPad phones. The fourth generation Apple TV sets will be able to run the tvOS 10 software update and all Apple  smartwatches will be able to run the watchOS 3 software upgrade versions respectively. It should however be noted that the macOS Sierra for the mac will be available at a later date, namely 20 September.

Advancements in iOS 10

There are quite a few noteworthy improvements in the iOS 10 software which include

Advancements in the watch OS 3

  • Better GPS enabling better directional features
  • Loading of apps is made quicker
  • Additional features that have been discussed here

Advancements in the macOS Sierra

  • The mac will now feature Siri ,which will be present in the mac for the first time.
  • The option for users to use their Apple smartwatch to  ‘Auto -Unlock ‘ their mac ,but this feature will only work when both devices are close to each other.
  • There is the presence of a Universal Clipboard , in addition to a wide array of other features.

Advancements in the tvOS 10

  • an improved and more robust Siri encounter
  • the latest Dark Mode feature
  • Solitary Sign-on option availibility
  • HomeKit support
  • various other wonderful features

We are eagerly anticipating the release of all these softwares, to be released on the 13th September, as we’re sure a lot of you users are as well.


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