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Android Phone which will get IceCream Sandwich Update List [RoadMap]

Last week we had reported you the list of Samsung Smartphones which will be getting the IceCream Sandwich update however there are number of other Android Smartphones available in the market by other Phone manufacturers so though of giving a complete RoadMap for Android ICS update. It all started couple of weeks ago with the release of IceCream Sandwich update including some new features, applications, performance upgrades and bug fixes which was incorporated in Samsung Galaxy Nexus as the first Smartphone to receive the update. Moreover we had seen that IceCream Sandwich was ported to Nexus S using unofficial ROM.

Although there is no official list of devices eligible for IceCream Sandwich update but still here are quite few device manufacturers reports about the update,

Samsung was the first one to leak the information regarding IceCream Sandwich update coming onto Galaxy S IIGalaxy Note , Galaxy Tab 10.1Galaxy Tab 8.9 , Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. All of the phones in this let carry huge processing power under their belts with ample lot of storage however Nexus S was also made the member using unofficial ROM. Therefore chances are that we could even see Original Galaxy S upgraded to ICS using Unofficial ROM.

Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson has announced that all the Android models released during current year will be getting the ICS upgrade with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S with 1.4 GHz processor as the flagship device as well as Xperia Play, Neo, Neo V, Mini, Mini pro, Ray, Pro, Active and Arc. Also the Sony tablets, Tablet S and Tablet P launched during this period will be getting the update.

Official Statement from HTC says the they will be announcing the list of HTC devices which will be upgraded to IceCream Sandwich. However it is pretty much obvious that HTC Sensation, Sensation XE and Jetstream tablet will be getting the ICS upgrade due to Dual Core processing power however Xperia X10 lineup might get unofficial ROM with reduced functionality.

LG has announced that it will not release ICS upgrade for it Optimus 2X even though having dual core processor however it is assumed that Optimus LTE and Optimus 3D will be getting the update but still it is not confirmed by the manufacturer.

Droid Razor is expected to get he update along with Droid Bionic, Xoom tablet, Atrix 2 and Photon 4G however still no official confirmation has been released by Motorola itself.

Its expected that Huawei and ZTE will also be coming up with ICS upgrade to their devices as they have also stepped into Dual Core Android based devices.

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