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Android on HP TouchPad, TouchDroid team Quits, CyanogenMod last hope [Report]

Its been almost a month since HP TouchPad was put on 99$ clearance after Officially dumping Web-OS but Android enthusiastic teamed up to port Android on HP TouchPad without any delay and just after couple of days the first video for HP TouchPad Android 2.2.1 port appeared followed by installation of CynogenMod 7 on HP TouchPadAndroid 2.3.x Gingerbread And webOS Dual BootOverclocking HP Touch Pad to 1.9 Ghz and Android Port gets MultiTouch support was revealed. So there was lot of activity around for Android on HP TouchPad but sadly the TouchDroid team which was behind the first Android Port Video followed by Gingerbread Port Update have decided to Quit working on HP TouchPad Android Port.

According to TouchDroid-related Website Liliputing,

“This morning there were at least two teams of independent developers working to port Google’s Android operating system to run on the HP TouchPad tablet–but there was pretty strong evidence that one of those teams was cribbing work from the other,” Liliputing said. “This afternoon there’s only one team left standing.”

This came as a sad news as only CynogenMod who released CynogenMod 7 on HP TouchPad is now only working on Android Port on HP TouchPad. This Buzz around is all because of fire 99$ Clearance Sale on HP TouchPad.

Source Liliputing

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