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Android Logs Everything You Do in Hidden Carrier IQ Application

Few months back, it was discovered that iPhone 4 running iOS 4.x has a hidden feature which keeps on tracking your location all the time and then save  it into a hidden file inside iPhone and later on transfer it to a computer as soon as it is synchronized with your device. Researcher didn’t’ stop her as they were more interested in knowing the exact information saved in the hidden files. Finally they found out that saved data contains your latitude and longitude details along with the timestamp. The worst part which was later discovered that the hidden file was not even encrypted and can be also retrieved on your computer.

Now similar hack has been discovered in Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. Developer named as Trevor Eckhart have found a tiny software inside Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones devices called Carrier IQ which actually saves everything you do on your device even key presses and menu navigation.

In order to provide it, developer has also shared a lengthy demo video which includes many examples showing saving text messages, logs dialed keys while making a call and web searches detail etc. Things didn’t stop here, as soon as your connect your device with computer, Carrier IQ will send all saved data which we have mentioned above to its servers.  When same was asked from marketing manager if Carrier IQ, this was his reply:

We’re not looking at texts. We’re counting things. How many texts did you send and how many failed. That’s the level of metrics that are being gathered.


Via [cultofmac]

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