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Android Jelly Bean Update Will Be The Next Major For Android, Game Changing Features Expected [Report]

Regular Koolmobile users must be aware that Ice Cream Sandwich update is being talked about these days however This Is My Next has reported that  eighth major release for Android will be named Jelly Bean after the tradition of Android to name sweets in alphabetical order. The name Jelly Bean does not came as surprise however there is a bad news is that Ice Cream Sandwich has been pushed back which was expected for launch in October/November this year. So now we expect that only limited feature of Ice Cream Sandwich will be launched as Jelly Bean update.

Still the Android version of Jelly Bean is not clear same as in the case of Ice Cream Sandwich which might be Android 4.0 or 3.x. However the source claims that Jelly Bean will contain “Game Changing” Features for which the clarification is required that what sort of features these would be?

Update: We’re hearing from another well-regarded source that Jelly Bean is in the running for the name, but that the choice hasn’t yet been finalized by Google; for what it’s worth, the pickings are fairly slim for desserts with “J” names, so Jelly Bean seems like a solid choice. The source goes on to say that there are some fairly major architectural, functional, and design changes in Ice Cream Sandwich, so by all appearances, this is still going to be a big-time release. Of course, that doesn’t mean Jelly Bean (or whatever Google ultimately calls it) won’t have a big outing in its own right, but the indication is that ICS won’t just be a warmed-over Gingerbread or Honeycomb.

Source ThisIsMyNext via RedmondPie

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