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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock Tricked By picture on Galaxy Nexus[Video]

If you are a regular reader of our website then you must be knowing that Google’s has recently announced next major update of Android operating system called Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 which will be launched with Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. IceCream Sandwich is the OS specifically designed for high power displays with resolutions reaching upto 1280×720 as well as multi core processors. One of the main feature that is included in Ice Cream Sandwich is Face Unlock which allows you to unlock your phone Lockscreen through facial recognition with the help of front facing camera.

Imagine what if you gets your Ice Cream Sandwich Lockscreen unlocked through facial recognition capability by putting your picture in front of camera rather than actual your actual face. Yes, Guys over Phandroid have posted a video in which they have managed to unlock the phone using an image of a person’s face on another device rather than performing actual facial recognition.

It means Face Unlock feature will be considered as a convenient or efficient way to unlock your phone rather than a passcode replacement. Moreover, Android devices users running Ice Cream Sandwich may have to be little bit extra careful while using this feature so that their devices cannot be accessed without permission when they are in some other’s hand.

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