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Android Apps On BlackBerry QNX devices, Coming Soon

The biggest reason behind blackberry failure in today’s smartphone race is the lack of apps. In order to cope up with this situation back in march RIM announced that soon they will launch a playbook which would run Android apps.

According to Bloombergfamous source for subject matter says Android apps will compatible on Blackberry devices running new QNX software which is expected to be available in early 2012. While RIM has said that its QNX-powered PlayBook tablet will be equipped with technology that allows it to run Android apps but it is not confirm that whether QNX phones will get the same capability.

This is going to be a smart move by RIM as it will give blackberry users access to more than 250,000 apps available in Android Market which are about six times more than Apps available for RIM users. Blackberry users who have been shifted or also own’s an Google’s Android phone just because not too many apps available for RIM, will get the taste of both RIM and Android in one phone.

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