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Android App Helps Extract the Hacker in You

A security firm developer Mr Defcon has given a demonstration on an Android application called Android Network Toolkit. This application let users to exploit unprotected devices on security-free WiFi networks.

People using this tool will be able to find exploits in their network and patch them immediately. This will over ensure the better security of the network and it will not be easy for the hacker to hack the network and taking control of devices connected to it. Moreover, It will enables users not just “find” these exploits but also actually act on of them as if you had every intent to cause damage.

It gives you facility to run commands like man-in-the-middle which is a snooping tool, and attack allow users to intercept data and take control of devices with just click of a button.

Normally security firms have to pay thousands of dollars for this kind of functionality even if it is required for internal security testing. However, this application will be launched for free of cost for non-commercial use and corporate users only have to pay $10 for a license in the Android market.

Application is expected to be made available for downloading sometime within the next week.

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