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Amazon all Set to Launch 7 inch $250 Mystery Kindle Tablet during September 28th Conference [Report]

Amazon is sending invite to mystery audience for September 28th Conference in which the much rumored Kindle Tablet will be launched. Since last few months we are getting reports from Amazon cooking a Tablet under the shelves and purportedly having 7 inch screen with a chopped version of Android running famous Amazon services including Appstore, Movies, TV, Music and eBooks. Although the tablet wont support multitouch and advanced features for Android but the better part is that it will cost half the price of iPad 2.

Amazon is expecting to sell 2 Million units by the end of this year but it all depends on how impressing the product it and whether it can withstand Apple iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab and other Android Competitors. The tablet is rumored to have,

The Kindle Tablet will not be as powerful as the iPad. It will have a 7-inch touchscreen and will only support two finger multi-touch screen, compared to the iPad 10 fingers support. Apparently, the Kindle Tablet will have one single-core processor while the iPad boasts a 1GHz dual-core chip. Also, storage capacity will be sparse, probably only around 6GB. Amazon probably expects users to store data in the cloud and will provide a connection with the Amazon Cloud. It’s already been noted with the iPad and other tablets, these devices have been predicted to be driving growth in both Software as a Service and cloud storage because a lack of internal storage pushes users to employ online backup and synchronization services.

via This Is My Next, DataCenterKnowledge

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