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AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage for Mac OS X Coming Soon

We have been repeatedly discussing that Apple in joint effort with both iOS and Mac OS X developers is looking very keen to bring iOS mobile operating system features in Mac OS X in days ahead. We have already seen quite a few examples which includes  Tweet from Anywhere in OS X Lion and How to always display scroll bars in Mac OS X Lion in which iOS features were copied to latest Mac OS X Lion operating system. Things didn’t stop here as according to 9to5Mac sources, Apple is currently working to bring iOS AirPlay Mirroring and iMessages features on Mac OS X operating system.

Airplay Mirroring  feature allows you to wirelessely stream your audio, video and photos between iOS devices. However, once it is made available for Mac OS X, then it will allow users to wirelessly mirror the display of their Mac on an Apple TV  connected with external monitor or projector.


Similarly iOS 5 iMessage feature which allows you to communicate with your friends carrying iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices needs only internet connectivity either through WiFi or 3G. However, it is still not sure that if iMessage service will be integrated with already available iChat or will be launched as an independent application.

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