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Airdrop for Wireless File Sharing on MAC OS X Lion[How To Use]

Airdrop feature in Mac OS X Lion is considered as the most handy and quickest way of sharing files between Mac System.  Best part of this feature is, sharing user doesn’t have to be on same Wi-Fi network. All it requires is Wifi hardware between the sharing systems.

Basically it work on Adhoc mode and uses peer to peer wifi connection between participating Mac computers. Therefore, there is no wireless infrastructure mode or Access point(AP) involved init. So have new Mac system with OS X Lion installed on it then you are all ready to share files via Airdrop. It can find Airdrop users within 30 feet of distance from you and once participating users are detected, you can start sharing files with simple drag drop. There is no configuration or setup required for wireless file sharing via Airdrop.


1-   First of all you need to ensure that you Mac computer is upgrade to OS X Lion or using a new Mac system with  MAC OSX Lion operating system already installed on it.

2-   In order to start using Airdrop in Finder, just navigate to Go menu option and then click Airdrop option. Once Airdrop is activated, it will try to detect all Wi-Fi-enabled (hardware wise) Macs near your computer running AirDrop feature inside.

3-    Once your Mac able to detect a user with whom you want to share files via Airdrop, drag file to specific user listing and click Confirm to start wireless sharing.

AirDrop isn’t suitable for transferring a so many files, but for a small number of files here or there, it is considered as the most convenient way which requires no set-up whatsoever. In addition to that, there’s encryption to ease your fears of transferring a file to a friend in a coffee shop or library.

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