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Aircel to launch iPhone 4S in India on November 25

Aircel and Airtel India are the two official Apple partners for iPhone sale in the country having population over 2.1 Billion. Apple has so far included 45 countries in official iPhone sale however addition of India this soon is a sign that Apple wants to reach the masses and that too quickly as reported by TheNextWeb.

Aircel has officially announced the launch on its Facebook fan page followed by official announcement on November 12.

 Aircel first posted a teaser on its official Facebook page announcing that the launch details would be coming soon and then followed that up with an official announcement on Saturday that the chosen date was November 25. Impatient customers will be able to start placing preorders on the carrier’s website from November 18 onwards.

Also Aircel has announced that preorders will start from November 18 onwards on Aircel official website. So you can keep your fingers crossed if you live in India and expect to see more countries adding.

Source TheNextWeb 

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