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Adobe Lightroom for iPhone & iPad iOS updated with full-res output, 3D Touch and more

iPhone and iPad users ,who use Adobe’s Lightroom,can now update their photo workflow software ,which will now allow users to have extra 3D Touch commands and Full resolution output.
Both the iPad and iPhone support full –resolution export ,however this option is only available for those images that have been imported and have the same resolution or those that have been caught by an iOS handset.The images will only be transferred to another device with the use of the same Adobe account on both devices.

3D Touch is now available in the Camera Roll browser ,for users using the iPhone 6s and 6s plus.This enables users to preview an image in a bigger size by pressing and holding.


Various viruses in the application have been removed,especially one that used to initiate crashes.

The iPad and iPhone apps(with iOS 8.1 or later) are available for free download ,however for access to the full feature set (that includes cloud sync) users are required to download the Creative Cloud subscription,which is available with a trial period of 30 days.

LightRoom: Download

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