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Access iCloud.com without Apple Developer Account

If you are regular visitor of our blog you might have noticed that there has been so much about iCloud during current week and we have informed you couple of ago that the service has been launched for developers and the service includes Find my Mac and iCloud TV features.

Now you can access iCloud website even if you are not a developer but this little trick only allows you to see applications but contents of these applications are still not visible. But still you can enjoy the interface of iCloud for the first time,

Simply visit iCloud.com from Safari or Chrome Browser. When the website is completly loaded enter your credentials and you would be presented with snap below,

Right Click in any empty area and select Inspect Element and Click on Console to enter following JS command
javascript:CloudOS.statechart.gotoState(“active.springboard”) and hit enter

Here you go now you have entered the homepage of iCloud. Although you can see the applications but you can access the content of these applications.

You can see Mail, Contacts, Calender, Find my iPhone and iWork icons on the dashboard however clicking on them will give you inaccessible warning. Therefore by using this trick even with bogus Apple ID and password you can see the Dashboard of the application.

iCloud is expected to be launched in September this year and there will be a Basic Package with 5Gb data limit Free of Cost. So ultimately everyone of us can access iCloud one day.

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