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About us

The Starting….

         It was a decade back from now i.e (Nov 2001) when i first got a Mobile Phone. At that time i was a student of 1st Year Bach of Computer Science (Hons) at Hyderabad, Sindh (Pakistan). I somehow collected a sum of 7500 Rs ,by collecting Pocket moneys, and went to buy a mobile from local mobile market in Hyderabad (Pakistan). There i surveyed more than a dozen shops and finally decided to go for a Nokia 3310 (GSM) Mobile which was the only mobile that fitted my Budjet. And finally i bought that “new boxed packed” mobile from a shop named “Best Communications” Hyderabad, Pakistan.
          But the worst thing was that i fell short of money and could not buy Mobile Connection at the same time for which i had to wait for more than a week. Afterwards  i collected the amount and went to buy Jazz Mobilink Connection from the same shop.
         Here starts the most fearsome dream of my life that the mobile which i had purchased turned out to be a used one as there were contacts added already and even some SMS messages where also present of the one who used that mobile before my purchase. I took the mobile to the same shop and told him that this mobile is used, he was astonished to hear that from me like he knew nothing that after a little inspection he told me that this is not the mobile which he sold to me as the IMEI Number of this mobile is different from one he gave me which was written on my reciept. After comparing the serial number i was also astonished that the serial numbers where different but the fact was the the serial number written on the reciept was delibrately written wrong. And that shopkeeper refused to change the old mobile set.
          I took that mobile to some other shop keeper so as to check whether it is used or not and after inserting some Secret Codes he showed me a screen whcih was saying that “Life Timer 0163:25” whcih means that this mobile is used for 163 Hours and 25 Mins Talk Time. And my first respose was Hmmm…. i was right. So i asked that shopkeeper to please tell me the Secret Code so if i buy a new mobile i can check rather than being fooled again. His reply was
“If i tell you the code, so you come and stand at my shop and there is no need of me to be here then…”
         This was the reply that forced me to start searching the internet and spreading awareness about mobiles in Pakistan so that there would be no more frauds of such kind. This event gave me an idea of designing a website which contains all type of information about mobile phones. Than i came up with www.apnamobile.itgo.com (on Free Web Hosting).

          On overwhelming response on ApnaMobile.itgo.com we bought paid domain name Koolmobile and became the first Web portal about mobiles in Pakistan in 2001.  We offered mobile stuff for the latest iPhone,  Android and Symbian Applications, Games,  Themes, desi ring tones, spiffy screen savers and logos, available at an affordable price. Also visit the blog section to perform these tasks for free. You will discover ‘the things you never knew your smart phone could do’.You can also view our Privacy Policy.

We took the initiative to spread awareness in Pakistani Community about Smart Mobiles.

Koolmobile Team include,

Muhammad Arslan Azmat (Admin)
Muhammad Arslan Azmat has done MS in Wireless Networks from Queen Mary, University of London and is currently doing as Project Director GSM in HQ Special Communications Organization, Rawalpindi.

Syed Asif Bokhari (Contributor)
Syed Asif Bokhari has done MS in Wireless Networks from Queen Mary, University of London and is currently doing as Project Manager IIN in HQ Special Communications Organization, Rawalpindi.

Muhammad Bilal Azmat (Contributer)
Muhammad Bilal Azmat has done MS in Wireless Networks from Queen Mary, University of London and is currently doing as Senior Manager IN in ZTE Pakistan.

If you are interested, and want to be a part of our team, please feel free to contact us and send us your resume on: koolmobile {at} gmail {dot} com

Or if you want to share any tips and tricks with us and if you want us to review any particular product or service, drop us an email: koolmobile {at} gmail {dot} com