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$8 Million iPad 2 crafted with Dinosaur bones, Diamonds and Gold

Apple iPad 2 is definitely everyone’s choice of must have gadget however making it look unique require you to put some snap on covers or special body covers however you  have not heard of an iPad 2 worth $8 Million. Worlds most expensive tablet is crafted with Dinosaur bones, Diamonds and Gold. This tablet is obviously built for economic elites who do not like to hold normal gadgets rather specially crafted gadgets like Gold plated iPad 2 but this customization is surely one of the most expensive one carrying $8 Million price tag.

iPad 2 above carried sold Gold back with Apple logo and home button is crafted using 65 flawless diamonds, plus a bezel crafted using Ammolite rock and slivers of thigh bone from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Price tag of eight million dollars for such a device is way too expensive having normal Dual Core processor and 1GB RAM but the celebrities and price tag make these personalities standout among the crowd.

Source Stuart Hughes

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